Maddy's Music Parties!

Let Maddy entertain your children at your next birthday party with your child's favorite music and instruments!
Maddy plays the ukulele and will sing your child's favorite songs.  And each child gets to play the ukulele after the  music program.

Your child and friends will enjoy a variety of instruments (shakers, drums, jingle bells, clickers, and more!)

And a parachute that will fit into any sized room.

Maddy will engage your children (and parents!) with singing and by the end of the party  will have the room dancing!
Maddy's music program is 45 minutes in length. Cost is $200 ($175 for Music Together® families).

​This includes travel to your party venue anywhere in Northern Virginia. 

Maddy's music program is ideal for the preschool set but kids a little older love it too. 

With extensive experience with large classrooms of children, this is the perfect answer to "WHAT AM I GOING TO DO WITH SO MANY KIDS AT MY PARTY?"

Maddy will supply the entertainment and fun!